Say Hello to the Selfie Wizard!

All the magic moments from your event, shared.

Why only have one photographer at your wedding when you can have 50!!?

How does it work?

During the day your guests will have taken lots of photos on their phone. They simply connect to the Selfie Wizard’s own WiFi network and upload their best photos to the Selfie Wizard. The photos will then be displayed via the slideshow on the big screen for all to see.

The uploaded photos can be from the wedding day, the engagement, rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachelorette party, or just their favorite shots of the couple.  Imagine a collection of photos from the day that your professional photographer can’t possibly capture.  Your guests will have been taking photos throughout your special day. Whether it’s you walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, your first dance, some candid shots of your guests during the day, a bit of dad dancing, or one of your younger guests up to no good, Selfie Wizard allows them to share the magic with everyone.

We can also print a duplicate of the photos as they are uploaded and add them to a guestbook.  We tell the Selfie Wizard to print 2 copies of each photo sent to the Selfie Wizard – one for the guest and one to be placed in your guestbook.  We ask your guests to add a comment or message under their photo before we give them their own copy!  We are finding that the Selfie Wizard is producing the highest number of photos in the guestbooks, so the most memories for the Bride and Groom.

We would also personalize the frame of the printed photos to add your names and the date of your special day, or any other message you would like, to make your memories special.