The latest addition to Exquisite Photo Booths is finally here. Now, in addition to the great photo booth experience for your guests, you can provide on-site portraits. Our portrait station can be set up almost anywhere at your venue using a beautiful location as a background, either indoors or outdoors, and provide professional 5″ x 7″ portraits for them to take home as a momento of your event.

As a wedding photographer, I was always asked by guests if I could just take a couple of photos of them because it was either a special night for them, or they would just like a photo of themselves all dressed up, etc. I usually snapped a couple of quick shots, but told them that I was there for the bride and groom and that they would have to see the happy couple for the images. I just felt that since I was hired by the bride and groom, my time belonged to them.

Once I started setting up the photo booth at weddings and parties, I found that couples and even families would go into the booth and attempt to take a group or family portrait. The problem was that actual photos were too small to be of much use for anything other than the actual booth output.

And thus a new idea was born. I already had the equipment and professional experience and expertise. Why not offer guests the opportunity to have their own portrait session while the bride, groom, their families, and wedding party were having their portraits done by the wedding photographer? I pitched the possible idea to some of the guests at different events and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

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